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You're Engaged! Now, What's Next?

You just got engaged and are excited to get started on the your wedding planning when all of a sudden you realise.... Where do I even begin?

'Tis the season to be jolly! And with the holiday season often becomes engagement season. Typically, you'll see ring selfies, new Facebook statuses switched from "In a relationship" to "Engaged," or you might be in tears as you stare at your sparkly engagement ring. Firstly, congratulations on on your engagement! Your best friend just popped the question and you said yes - this is a big moment and one to cherish!

But everyone knows that this doesn't end here. Planning a wedding is a journey that you and your partner have to take. The experience is indeed unique for each couple, but it'll be more fun and enjoyable if everything is settled in a solid, doable plan. You might get asked or even ask yourself, "What to do after an engagement?" Or, you might hear a lot of suggestions from family and friends, and all of them left you confused.

Chin up! Don't stress yourself out. This is a common dilemma for couples who are planning to get married. Fortunately, we got the answers for you. Here are the things you should do after you said 'Yes' to your partner.

Step 1: Enjoy the Moment

Before rushing into anything, take a moment, a deep breath in and enjoy the feeling of being engaged. Whether its a few days, to a week or two, just sit with your partner and savour this moment and enjoy this new chapter together. It's so easy to rush into the planning and I have often seen brides burn themselves out without even enjoying the moment of being engaged. So step 1... breath and enjoy the moment!

Step 2: It goes without saying - it's time to "Share The News!"

Photo of a woman wearing an engagement ring holding a phone over her ear

Of course, the first thing you’ll want to do after your engagement is to tell people about it. Start with your VIPs (think parents, siblings, best friends and grandparents), either sharing the news in person or getting on the phone to tell them what’s just happened. Then, once your inner circle is up to date, you can head to social media with the perfect engagement post. It's actually better to announce it in person than in social media. You'll surely be met with gasps, shouts, and tears of joy. These are so much better than like, and heart reacts on social media... although that it lovely too!

Step 3: Post a Ring Selfie

And speaking of social media, you may now share the big news to the public. Post a ring selfie or the most beautiful candid photo of you and your partner. Others prefer taking videos. So if there's someone who filmed the engagement, you might as well post it too! Get ready to be flooded with "Congratulations!" and "Best Wishes" greetings everywhere!

Step 4: Get Organised

Photo of a woman's hand writing on a piece of paper on the table

How soon after getting engaged should you start planning? Most couples can enjoy a month or two before delving into the plan. And once you're ready to start planning, being organised is the key.

So as much as possible, keep everything in one place. Create an email for your wedding correspondence with vendors and use Google Drive for guest lists, receipts, documents, and contracts. Alternatively, purchase a folder or binder from Officeworks and categorise your workflow to keep up to date with thats been done and what is still needing to be completed. Take note of your wedding websites, registry and vendor list.

Step 5: Set a Budget

Photo of a mobile phone using a calculator app

Before making any decision, make sure that you've set your budget first. Talk to your fiancé about this and settle down with an agreement. Have your "wish budget" and compile at least 1 to 2 contingencies just in case your wish budget doesn't quite work out. Some couples want to limit their budget and prepare for the new chapter ahead of them, while others want to spend more to make the wedding extra special. Either way, both are doable. There's no judgment there. It's your wedding day, and you can do whatever you want!

Step 6: Throw an Engagement Party

Now, it's time for some fun! Gather your friends and family and celebrate this new chapter you're both entering into. If you've selected your bridesmaids and groomsman, ask for their help in planning and running of the evening. This will help you relax and enjoy the evening whilst catching up with the ones you love. If you are thinking of having a low key wedding due to budget restrictions, an engagement party is a great way to invite those loved ones who may not make the wedding day guest list.

Step 7: Book An Engagement Photography and/or Film Shoot

Every couple would love to treasure and cherish this special event in their lives. And if you're one of them, booking an engagement photography or film shoot is a great way to start. Record the moment you propose or use your images and/or film to share your engagement with friends and family. You may even show your engagement images or film at your engagement party and rewatch it together one, two, fifteen or fifty years later!

Step 8: Research Wedding Venues

Keep in mind that booking a date is impossible until you've chosen the perfect wedding venue. Do you already have a few ideas on your mind? You may do some research first, in case you want to seek more options. Then of course, call to enquire about the availability of the venue, pricing, and etc. Be sure to visit your location, do a walk through and see how it makes you feel.

Step 9: Think About A Date

Photo of a planner

Once you've picked your dream venue, now is the time to choose a date! The busiest months for wedding bells occur during autumn and spring. This means that the winter season is the best way to go if you're having trouble locking in a wedding venue.

Step 10: Draft the Guest List

Photo of name tags for wedding guests

Once the budget, venue and date are all set, drafting the guest list should come next on your checklist. So, who do you want to invite on your most special day? It's typical that you have a lot of names on your mind, but it's best to go over each of them and choose who should you really want to invite. Wedding venues can only accommodate a certain number of people in one event and not to mention price per head for dinner is usually from $130 and up. The last thing you want to happen is to stress over overcrowding. Our rule of thumb is, if you wouldn't take that person out for a $130 plus dinner, why include them in your wedding?

Step 11: Get Wedding Inspiration Ideas

A collage image of a wedding invitation

Of course, you probably have your ideal wedding theme in your head, but it isn't enough. Let's go to the specifics. This is the part when you talk to your partner about the details of the wedding. Do you have some colour palettes you want to associate with the theme? What kind of flowers should you use? What meals should be included in the menu? What colour bridesmaid dresses and suites for the groom and groomsmen?

As you ask each other about these questions, write down the ideas and make sure to plan accordingly to your budget.

Step 12: Hire Vendors

Photo of an old model 2--tone white and green Volkswagen van

Wedding preparations are quite stressful. Grooms typically find it hard to draft their own wedding vows, while some brides wanted to stay on a diet just to make sure their dresses fit perfectly on them.

So, let's keep in mind that couples don't have to carry all the responsibilities on their shoulders. Hire people. Hire a wedding planner. Include make-up and hair artists, Chefs, Florists, a DJ or a band, and a lot more. Book in your vendors 1 year in advance if possible as veteran wedding vendors book out fast.

Step 13: Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer and/or Videographer

Imagine planning for a wedding that won't get the appreciation. It deserves to be documented through photos and film. You have to keep in mind that this should be memorable enough but with the chaos of the day and the vast emotions the bride and groom experience, it is often said the day becomes a blur and looking back moments are just forgotten or missed. So, why not make the most of it by hiring a professional wedding photographer in Brisbane and make sure you'll never miss a moment of your day?

A wedding photographer won't simply take shots during the event. They film the entire wedding timeline from bridal-prep to bridal exit, feature the couple's love story, and send all the photos and film in print and digital forms. They make sure that every memorable event is documented professionally, so you can relive the experience anytime, anywhere.

Alegna Weddings Can Help

Alegna Weddings is a Brisbane-based wedding videography and photography company that help couples tell their stories in the most authentic and cinematic ways. We have worked with many couples, and we're happy to help you too! If you want to get the best photos and videos at a reasonable price, we're just one call away. Give us a ring at 0450 754 774 or contact Angie at for a free quote and we'll get back immediately!


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