You're Engaged! Now, What's Next?

You just got engaged and are excited to get started on the your wedding planning when all of a sudden you realise.... Where do I even begin?

'Tis the season to be jolly! And with the holiday season often becomes engagement season. Typically, you'll see ring selfies, new Facebook statuses switched from "In a relationship" to "Engaged," or you might be in tears as you stare at your sparkly engagement ring. Firstly, congratulations on on your engagement! Your best friend just popped the question and you said yes - this is a big moment and one to cherish!

But everyone knows that this doesn't end here. Planning a wedding is a journey that you and your partner have to take. The experience is indeed unique for each couple, but it'll be more fun and enjoyable if everything is settled in a solid, doable plan. You might get asked or even ask yourself, "What to do after an engagement?" Or, you might hear a lot of suggestions from family and friends, and all of them left you confused.

Chin up! Don't stress yourself out. This is a common dilemma for couples who are planning to get married. Fortunately, we got the answers for you. Here are the things you should do after you said 'Yes' to your partner.

Step 1: Enjoy the Moment

Before rushing into anything, take a moment, a deep