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15 Terracotta Wedding Colour Ideas That Are Worth Trying

Are you planning on getting married in a warmer climate? You're not alone. A lot of couples want to face the next chapter of their lives with oozing warmth and excitement. If you're currently looking for a theme to showcase on your big day, going terracotta is a great choice. It matches the modern, contemporary vibe that 2022 holds. Here are some Terracotta wedding colour ideas and inspirations that you might like!

1. Bridesmaids Dresses

A happy bridesmaid makes a happy bride. Showcase your besties' fun and charming personality with rustic boho dresses. Add contrast with fresh, vibrant flowers to match the outfit.

2. Table Runners

Photographer Amandine Marque

Reception is one of the most important parts of a wedding day. Amaze your family, friends, and the rest of your guests with a dash of terracotta in their tables. Runners made from linen fabric give off a subtle, mellow appearance. Mix and match with white flowers and handwritten name tags for best results.

3. Outdoor Wedding Signage

Suppose your wedding venue is at the barn, beach or anywhere outdoors, you can make wedding signage out of polished wood. Include a terracotta clay pot with fresh white roses on the side, and place both on a boho-inspired table.

4. Wedding Signage with Flowers

Photographer Luke Middlemiss

If you can't get enough of plant decor, you can make elegant terracotta wedding signage and accentuate the corners with a special flower arrangement.

5. Tablecloths

Well, if your idea wedding theme is either rustic or boho, you might as well dress your tables with a pretty, flowie terracotta tablecloth. Feel free to surround it with candles, and place plants on top! It will look best with hanging tiny bulbs to highlight this stunning wedding decor.

6. Table Napkins

Photo By Urban Flora

Imagine eating on a walnut wedding table decorated with lush florals and candelabras. And since you're aiming to achieve a rustic-inspired wedding theme, add some terracotta table napkins accompanied by your party favour as a thank you to complete the final look.

7. Wedding Standees

Warmly welcome your guests to the most exciting day of your life by placing a tall Terracotta-coloured wedding standee at the entrance venue. It doesn't have to be grand. You may or may not even add decor. A simple thank-you or welcome note with you and your partner's names on the standee are more than enough.

8. Wedding Arcs

Photo By Happy Wed

The wedding arch is a traditional design element used as the venue's focal point. This time, you can add a modern flair to it with garlands, terracotta fabric and lamps to exude a rustic look.

9. Lamps and Vases

Photographer LA76 Photography

Of course, wedding decor is incomplete without lighting. Spruce up the ceremony's venue with rustic lamps or candles. You can also put clay pots or golden vases with succulents or small plants that will help complete the look.

10. Cake

Photographer Margherita Calati

Let's all agree, everyone loves cake! Creating a beautifully sculpted layer cake in a rustic copper tone smeared with white frosting will have everyone running to try it. Yummmy!! Displaying your lovely wedding cake on a wooden log or table with flowers is a great terracotta wedding idea.

11. Desserts

Photographer ChristinaJeremiah

There are endless options for desserts on a wedding day. Talk about cupcakes, glazed doughnuts and a whole lot more! You can place all of them on a walnut table to ensure that everything's a perfect match for your terracotta wedding theme. Have your guests coming back for more with these delicious and beautifully designed treat table. For a bit extra, add a little greenery in pots to bring in some additional colour.

12. Floral Centrepieces

Bouquets are stunning centrepieces that can turn your dining tables or signing the register area from drab to fab. If you're considering to have a boho-inspired wedding, terracotta, sage green, and white will definitely make the perfect palette.

13. Groom Outfit

How can you forget the groom's outfit? Forget about the traditional black and grey suits and switch to a warm, terracotta-coloured suit. Do you think it's way too much? You can make it simple with a rustic tie, or suspender matched with brown leather shoes.

14. Bridal Bouquet

As the bride walks down the aisle, all eyes on are on her. The bridal focal point is her bouquet so for inspiration throw in some peach coloured roses, mustard, white and terracotta wedding flowers to achieve the perfect look to compliment your wedding dress!

15. Wedding Invitations

Set the wedding tone several months prior to the main event with a terracotta wedding invitation. You can accentuate bold flowers with engraved wording on the paper. Mix and match font styles to achieve a boho-inspired motif.

Want More Advice? Sure! We've Got Your Covered.

Terracotta Wedding Themes

If you're picking terracotta as the primary colour in your wedding theme, you'll probably come up with two things: rustic and boho. Now, most couples tend to use these terms interchangeably, but this article will differentiate the two.

Rustic Wedding

Photo By Legacy Farms

Rustic wedding mainly features a natural, earthy colour palette with varying shapes and textures. For instance, it can include wood, geometric lamps, vines, fresh flowers and more. This is the right theme for you if you're having a barn wedding. Here are additional design elements that you can add to your overall rustic terracotta wedding.

Wooden tables are the most important elements. It can be made from oak, cedar, or walnut. Combine it with rough linen texture, greeneries and soft, muted colours.

Add flowers. It's best to keep the contrast widely visible. Opt for bright, white flowers as much as possible.

Varying glassware, candles, and geometric lamps all make a warm, stunning combination.

If the rest of your decor is quite neutral and simple, make fonts and lettering styles bold and fancy. This creates a contrasting ideal for terracotta weddings.

Any rustic-inspired theme can also be mixed with a dash of vintage vibes. You can improvise with old, classic props as focal points.

Boho Wedding

For a boho wedding, everything is about creativity. Design ideas are endless. It can go from fringing earth tones to macrame ropes. This theme represents being carefree, creative and fun! Turn your boho terracotta wedding into life with these several design ideas.

Get a bunch of flashy, colourful flowers and macrame to create a beautiful wedding backdrop.

Dreamcatchers are a popular boho theme trademark. Add some hanging flowers to create the perfect look.

Brides look their best selves with a golden, stunning hairpiece, simple dresses, and a colourful bridal bouquet.

Add more texture with garlands, small fairy lights and mismatched rugs.

Make the wedding more intimate and personal by featuring a slideshow of old family and childhood photos.

Terracotta Wedding Made Better

Everything seems magical, with the wedding theme of your choice. It's easy to visualise, but hard to pull off. Aside from working with your wedding organiser and planner, you should also team up with a wedding photography and videography company.

They can help put your visions into reality. And most importantly, the whole event won't only last in a day. Everything will be documented, so both of you can relive the most special day of your lives over and over again. This is what Alegna Weddings can do for you. We want to make your day extra special! Let's start taking stunning photos and videos together. Build Your Own Package here and receive a free quote. Have further questions? We would love to hear from you, please call us at 1300 54 58 77!


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