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Photo of bride in a wooden portrait frame

Who We Are...

Alegna Weddings was founded by Award Winning Producer and Director Angie Fleming and is a wedding videography and photography company based in Brisbane, Queensland, servicing areas from as far south as the Queensland Coast borderline and as far north as the Sunshine Coast. 
Before entering the wedding industry, Angie spent most of her time creating cinematic films, music videos, commercials, real estate films, corporate content, and more. Simply put, she has established Alegna Entertainment — a Brisbane-based production company. Despite this, she believes that she's not only bound to take one path. Angie believes she can combine her creative cinematic background with her love of capturing real emotive stories. This is what inspired Angie to establish Alegna Weddings.

Although there are a lot of misconceptions about what wedding photographers and videographers do, the team at Alegna weren't discouraged by them. They believe that photography is more than just "taking pictures" and videography is not as easy as it seems. The reality is far more than that and they love that they can share their knowledge and expertise with their couples. 

Every photographer and videographer at Alegna see their work as an art form. Wedding photography and videography allow them to discover and capture beautiful love stories and the essence behind each couple. More importantly, they just don't focus on the current event, they dive into who their couples are, how they met and through cinematic expression, bring their couple's story to life.

Alegna Weddings was officially launched in June 2019, and with an experienced team, they continuously do their best and go above whats expected to tell stories in the most memorable ways possible.

Alegna Weddings are composed of a friendly bunch of creatives who enjoy a good laugh and bond with their couples. They're a family that brings a lasting experience of fun, comfort, support, trust, and ease for your wedding day! 

What We Do...

It is our passion to capture not just beautiful imagery but the essence of the story behind it. Our creative team of storytellers captures our couples in an authentic and cinematic way. 

There's more to aesthetics than meets the eye. Art is just part of the equation. Our goal is to make our couples express their truest selves as they enter a new chapter in their lives.

With a team of experts who have a decade worth of wedding photography and videography experience, we guarantee the highest work quality. We strive to embrace and capture every unforgettable memory through stunning, high-end wedding photography, and film.

Wedding Videography


As a wedding videography company, we create memorable and stunning films that capture our couples' lives. We professional record wedding ceremonies, engagement surprises, pre-wedding events, and the like. Our creative team highlights the best scenes and edits them to create teasers and full-length films. We also allow our couples to include a special 4K drone footage during the special day for the best experience.

Wedding Photography


As a wedding photography company, we take creative, romantic shots that manifest our couples' relationships. Shots come in different styles, taken by our top-quality, high-definition cameras. We cover all aspects of your day, from the bride and groom prep to the exit at the end of the night. After the event, we will professionally edit the photos and allow you to choose the best ones to put into your album. 

Bride sitting on the groom's lap on a swing
Photo of the groom and the groomsmen

Why It Matters...

Our team believes that every couple deserves to have their dream wedding come true. The creative industry is saturated with skilled professionals who have the experience, know-how, and expertise to film your wedding day. At Alegna Weddings, we can offer more than that. 

We don't use cookie-cutter solutions in taking shots or filming your wedding vows. We don't simply tell you to pose just like any other newlyweds do. We start at the core. We would love to hear your story. We would be happy to listen to your suggestions and requests to make your day extra special. So, you can relive the moment whenever, wherever you are.