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Hi! I'm Angie... 

From a young age, my heart has been captivated by the enchanting world of film and photography. The way a simple combination of movement, music, and dialogue can evoke such profound emotions has always fascinated me. These emotions have the power to resonate deep within, stirring tears and unlocking long-forgotten memories. They become a part of who we are, forever imprinted in our souls.

Driven by this love, I embarked on a journey that led me to obtain a degree in Business Management and a Bachelor's Degree in Film Production. Alongside these academic pursuits, my 27 years of experience and qualifications in Dance opened up a unique pathway for me. It became clear to me that I could merge all three passions—film, photography, and movement—to explore the creation and expression of beautiful, raw, and authentic imagery. My ultimate goal is not only to capture visually stunning moments but also to encapsulate the very essence and genuine emotions that lie behind each story—YOUR story.

It is my unwavering passion to immortalize the chapters of your life through my lens, capturing the essence of your unique journey. Your story is a tapestry of emotions, and I am dedicated to preserving those genuine and intimate moments that make it truly extraordinary. Let us embark on this creative adventure together, as we weave together movement, storytelling, and the power of imagery to create an everlasting testament to your beautiful narrative.

What We Do


Our creative team of storytellers capture our couples in an authentic and cinematic way. Our passion is to help our couples express their truest selves as they enter a new chapter in their lives. With a team of experts who have a decade worth of wedding photography and videography experience, we guarantee the highest quality of work. We embrace and capture every unforgettable memory through stunning, high-end wedding photography and videography

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"Absolutely the best, could not recommend them enough..." 

The team have been absolutely amazing!! They were happy to help out in anyway possible! Having a lock down called on my wedding day, they were early and called to see if they could help. Absolutely the best, could not recommend them enough!

Sonya and Crystal

Lets build the ideal package together that suits you and your day perfectly.

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