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Alegna Weddings Terms and Conditions

1. Booking Fee:


A booking fee of 25% of your invoice is required within three (3) days of accepting the quote and signing the contract. This is to secure your date, time, and services of Alegna Weddings. This fee is non-refundable.


2. Booking Agreement: The booking agreement is a contract between Business Owner and the Client. By signing the agreement, the client acknowledges they have received, read, and understands Alegna Weddings quote including the price list and inclusions. The client agrees to pay the full balance by the due date outlined on the invoice. Failure to do so is in breach of the contract and will be deemed a cancellation with no refunds to be issued.

3. Booking Policy:


  • Following payment of the booking fee, the remaining balance is divided into 3 installments with the total balance due fourteen (14) days before the wedding date.


  • In the event the booking is on short notice, less than 3 months, we require a 25% booking fee on acceptance of the quote and the remaining balance due fourteen (14) days before the wedding date.

  • In the event the booking is less than fourteen (14) days before your wedding day, we require your invoice to be paid in full.

  • Under special circumstances where full payment is not possible before your wedding date, a payment plan agreement can be established between Business Manager and the Client. A credit card must be provided to secure the payment plan agreement. The outstanding invoice amount must be paid within six (6) weeks of your wedding date. If payment is not received within six (6) weeks of your wedding date and there has been no correspondence from our emails, calls, and text messages, files will be archived and the credit card will be charged for the outstanding balance.

4. Cancellations: The Client may cancel their contract at any time by giving written notice to the Business Manager at Alegna Weddings but in doing so shall forfeit the booking fee.

5. Postponements: Weddings that are postponed to a later date will retain the booking fee and all monies paid will be transferred over to the new date and time.


6. Payment Methods: Alegna Weddings accepts bank transfers and credit cards. (Please note: Transaction fees apply for Credit Card payments)


7. Service Fulfillment: Once the invoice has been paid in full, Alegna Weddings must meet their requirements of fulfilling the services as stated in the invoice in full to the best of their ability within the circumstances of the wedding day.

Failure to show up on the wedding day entitled the client to a full refund. Failure to deliver films within the allocated timeframe without written correspondence of delays allows the client to request a partial refund.


8. Staff Attendance:

In the unlikely event, the assigned Photographer or Videographer is unable to attend and fullfill their requirements due to accident, injury, or health, the Business Manager reserves the right to appoint another professional photographer or videographer of equal qualifications or higher to attend the wedding on their behalf to undertake the Wedding Photography and Film to his / her best ability.

Any change in team member will be contacted in writing by the Business Manager and introduced to the new team member before the Wedding Day unless circumstances were to arise the day of the wedding then a phone call, text or email will be sent and the videographer/photographer will introduce themselves and explain the circumstances on-site if need be.

9. Meal Requirements:


If the photographer or videographer is scheduled to attend the reception, meals are to be provided and given at the same time as the bridal party dinners. This will allow for adequate time for the videographer and/or photographer to complete their meals and set up and be ready for the events post-dinner.


Due to allergies, Alegna Weddings requests no seafood to be served for their vendor meals.

10. Travel Allowance and Accommodation: A travel fee will occur when the client's wedding prep and venue are located 50km outside of the Brisbane radius at the rate of $0.55c per km to cover petrol and car allowance.

When the videographer or photographer is required to travel more than 2hrs and 30min in one direction or 5 hours return, accommodation will be required for packages 6 hours and over. This ensures the safety of all team members.


If the photographer or videographer is required to travel interstate, return airline tickets, accommodation & car hire will be required. This will be organised by Alegna Weddings and quoted to the client before the acceptance of the quote.


11. Image Permission and Copyright: Any images or copies of images whether stored digitally or otherwise and any computer files or printed documentation relating to such images are protected by the Copyright and Design Act 1988 and remain the copyright of Alegna Weddings.


Alegna Weddings may use any images included in this contract in their portfolio, literature, display areas, exhibitions, competitions, and advertising including third-party marketing, corporate advertising, slide shows or commercially. They may also be used on the website, email, and social media channels. The rights to the images are owned by Alegna Weddings. The Client also holds ownership of the images once the invoice has been fully paid and are free to print, post, and share all images on any platform where they see fit as long as Alegna Weddings is mentioned or tagged in the content.


12. Wedding Day Information:


The Bridal Prep, Wedding Ceremony, Post Ceremony Photos, Bridal Session, and Reception details are to be correctly outlined and given to Alegna Weddings in their pre-wedding consultation questionnaire prior to the clients wedding day. Any changes or last-minute changes due to weather are to be sent to the Business Manager via email or text message as soon as the changes have been made. This includes but is not limited to times, addresses, room numbers, and correct contact details of the venue coordinator and best wedding day contact person.


Alegna Weddings understands not all schedules and wedding days go according to plan and do all they can to communicate with the client and other vendors to ensure all parties are on the same page. However, failure to provide the correct information may result in the Photographer and/or Videographer not being able to fulfill their requirements and therefore will not be held responsible for the lack of coverage of the client's day.

13. Group Photos:


A list of family and friends' names should be provided to Alegna Weddings before your wedding day for the Post Ceremony Group Photo Session to ensure no guest is forgotten. If specified people on the list are not available to be photographed at the allocated time and after attempts to locate them, the photographer will not be held responsible.

14. Equipment Failure:

The Photographer and Videographer will carry out this agreement with professional diligence. Although the equipment is frequently checked and maintained, sometimes elements beyond the Photographer’s or Videographer's control (eg. faulty hardware, equipment failure, damaged memory cards, or weather conditions) may inhibit or prevent the Photographer or Videographer from completing in whole or in part this assignment. We provide backup equipment in preparation for such an event and dual record the full day however in this case, Alegna Weddings shall not be liable for the complete performance of the assignment and with the best of their ability will rectify the situation as quickly as possible.


15. Delivery:


  • High-Res Colour Corrected and Black and White photo files will be delivered within 4 - 6 weeks of the wedding and image selection.


  • Film services will be delivered within 10 - 12 weeks of the wedding date.


  • Two (2) revisions are available for the Highlight and Feature Films.


21. Wedding Album Delivery:

If the client has selected a Wedding Album, it is the clients' responsibility to select and inform the Business Manager or the desired images they would like in their album. Failure to do so will result in a delay of receiving their wedding album.

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