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Capturing Raw and Authentic Moments

Discovering the perfect Wedding Photography Brisbane service for your special day can be quite a challenge. You may come across recommendations from friends, referrals, and countless Google search results.

But at Alegna Weddings, we believe you deserve more than that. Beyond delivering top-quality, high-definition photos, we strive to narrate your unique love story in the most exquisite way. We provide guidance and assistance in selecting the perfect shots that truly reflect your personality. Each image is professionally edited and crafted with love!

Throughout the entire process, we walk hand in hand with you, offering multiple consultations to ensure that we are aligned with your vision. Our goal is to preserve the authenticity of your precious moments and create timeless memories that will forever resonate with you.

Wedding Photography Brisbane Sessions

Our comprehensive photo packages encompass every aspect of your wedding, capturing every detail of your beautiful setup, the anticipation as the bride and groom get ready, the arrival of guests, the complete ceremony, the lively reception, and the heartfelt speeches. We prioritize spending quality time with you and your bridal party during our exclusive bridal shoot, where we seize the opportunity to immortalize the intimate moments against a stunning sunset backdrop. Our aim is to ensure that no precious moment goes unnoticed, allowing you to relive the magic of your special day for years to come.


We're not any other wedding photography company that takes snippets of your wedding. We believe you deserve to relive and reminisce it anytime. Our handpicked, stunning images say it all.

Image by Matthew Hamilton

Our wedding photographers are equipped with Sony cameras of the highest quality, capable of capturing 6K RAW Images.

Photography Sessions

We are here to capture more than your Wedding day images. We offer sessions for proposal, engagements and families. 

KO_SneekPeak (5).jpg

Engagement shoots take place anytime from the moment you pop the question up to 2 months prior to your wedding day. With this session, you can use your images to share on social media, displayed at your engagement party or at your wedding reception.

KO_SneekPeak (17).jpg

What better way to trial us and see if we are the right fit for you than by booking in with us for an engagement or family session.

Image by Stephen Leonardi

If you're planning to surprise your partner with a romantic proposal, count us in! We will keep your biggest secret and stay incognito until the time comes to pop the question capturing your proposal from a distance.


We will capture your surprise, followed by a photography engagement shoot in which you will receive up to 100 edited photos. 

Aird Family (41).jpg

Gather the family together and lets have a fun session in the sun! With our 1 hour session at dusk, we capture the essence of who you are as a family.  

Packaged To Perfection

We package your special moments in a premium quality wooden box and USB made from walnut pine boards. The box walls are glued perfectly at a 45' angle with the moisture-resistant glue. The lid is fixed reliably with powerful magnets. All our boxes and USBs are personalised by laser engraving. We then package all your items in an elegant white personalised box filled with little thank you gifts from the team at Alegna Weddings.

Wedding USB and Presentation Box.jpg

Our elegant layflat album designs are available for purchase with any of our photograph sessions. Ranging from 24 - 48 page spread we can design the perfect album for you. 

Simply choose your favourite 60 to 80 photos to include in your album design. Once you have reviewed and approved your images and design, we then package your album and include your edited and print-ready images on a flash drive enclosed in one of our beautiful presentation boxes.


For full protection and longevity for your album, we package your album in one of our gorgeous sleek design boxes. 

Build Your Own Package

We understand every wedding is unique and every detail is specialised to your specific wants and needs.

Let's create together a more personalised package that suits you and your wedding day.

Lets build the ideal package together that suits you and your day perfectly.

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