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Top Wedding Photography Destinations in Brisbane

Your wedding photos are extremely important. Not only it will capture your special day or the memories behind it, but it will also tell your love story—a love story that should never be forgotten.

You've probably seen couples use stunning locations for wedding photography in Brisbane. And we would like to share our top favourites in case you're also looking for best places for wedding photos. Check them out here.

New Farm Park

Aerial photo of New Farm Park

New Farm Park is a famous shoot location for future newlyweds. Just look at its stunning park setting! This park is lined with Jacarandas, which displays purple tones on several times a year. This is a worthwhile reason to visit the area.

If you're planning to use this as your primary wedding shoot location, keep in mind that this is a public park. You'll see people around you. Others will play sports and other activities nearby. It'll take time to find the perfect spot, but it's definitely worth it! And if you want to host a garden ceremony, New Farm Park is a great place to consider, too!

Bride and groom photo holding hands and raising them

Kangaroo Point

Photo of Kangaroo Point across the Brisbane river

Kangaroo Point is just across the Brisbane River, so it's not that hard to look for it. A lot of couples want to shoot in this beautiful place due to its awe-inspiring city views. Plus, it's near the Story Bridge. Kangaroo Point is also a good place for various outdoor activities, so if you and your partner are into rock climbing or abseiling, this is a go-to place.

Some photographers would also love to take advantage of its view of Brisbane's skyline in the background. Once the sun goes down, the city lights pop out in the area, and couples can take as much as dreamy shots they want at night.

Bride and Groom kissing with a skyline background

Photographer: Shuwei Zhang, Alegna Weddings

The Brisbane Powerhouse

Photo of Brisbane Powerhouse cultural hub

The Brisbane Powerhouse is located across the road from New Farm Park. It's an arts and cultural hub that features a lot of festivals and community events. It was built in 1927, so expect that it has a historic significance in Brisbane. Despite its classic architecture, it is still a favourite wedding photo location for modern couples.

The Powerhouse follows a yearly schedule of events, so you may want to pick a date that works best for your photo shoot. You surely don't want to take photos in the middle of a grand art event.

Bride in Groom photo facing each other and holding hands

Source: Powerhouse Brisbane

Roma Street Parklands

Photo of Roma Street Parkland

Are you a millennial house plant addict? You'll surely love Roma Street Parklands. It is the perfect wedding photography location as it has a stunning scenery of manicured gardens. In fact, it's known as the world's biggest subtropical garden in a city centre! Given that its spacious, you can surely find a perfect spot for your wedding theme.

Of course, just like the previous parks in the list, it's for public use. So, take note that you'll also see other couples in the area for a photoshoot. It's best to visit during weekdays since there are a lot of people on Saturdays and Sundays.

Bride and Groom photo kissing with a bamboo background and an old buidling


Photo of a building in Stanley Place

If you want a contemporary location for your wedding photoshoot, Brisbane's Gallery of Modern Art can be found in Stanley Place. Its exquisite glass panels rising from the ground reflect natural lighting. This is one of the top reasons why bridal couples love this place. It gives a special twist to wedding photographs.

Newly weds hugging each other with a sign background

City Botanic Gardens

Photo of City Botanic Garden

Living the city life? You can visit the City Botanic Garden after working. This location features greeneries that expands along the river. You'll see a lot of gardens, old trees, and lush areas that can give you fantastic photoshoot ideas. And of course, if you want some riverside shots for your wedding, City Botanic Gardens is a great option too.

Newly weds kissing while bridesmaids and groomsmen are watching

Photographer: Shuwei Zhang, Alegna Weddings

Old Government House

Photo of the Old Government House

Some couples want classic, timeless wedding themes on their special day. So if you're one of them, the Old Government House is the perfect photoshoot location. It is located in the Queensland University of Technology, where it also overlooks the Brisbane River and Botanic Gardens.

If you're planning to visit this spot, make sure to schedule it on weekends. Blatantly, there are a lot of students during weekdays.

Photo of newly weds with pillar background and water reflection

Photographer: Shuwei Zhang, Alegna Weddings

Brisbane City Hall

Photo of the Brisbane City Hall

Originally built in 1930, the Brisbane City Hall is known as one of the best heritage buildings in Queensland. Not only it's perfect for wedding photoshoots, but it's also ideal for wedding ceremonies.

A lot of couples prefer this location due to its timeless Rome-inspired architecture built with Corinthian columns and exteriors. There are fourteen function rooms to choose from, so it's not that hard to book one on your wedding day.

Photo of the Bride and Groom sitting on the stair steps

Photographer: Shuwei Zhang, Alegna Weddings

Alegna Weddings is Just One Call Away

Bride and Groom dancing in the middle of the street

Photographer: Shuwei Zhang, Alegna Weddings

Choosing a wedding photography location in Brisbane can be challenging. But with the right photographer, everything will become faster and more seamless. Alegna Weddings is a Brisbane-based wedding photography and videography company that help couples tell their stories in the most authentic and cinematic ways. We believe that every couple is unique, each with different personalities. So, we will do our best to know more about you, learn more about your love story, and incorporate these to our work. With a meaningful location, we assure that you can get much more personal and valuable wedding photos.

Get started by calling us at 1300 54 58 77 or contact Angie at for a free quote!

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