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15 Best Wedding Lighting Decorations Ideas for 2022

Wedding reception area with string lights that drapes down from above

When it comes to wedding décor, you surely have a long-running list at hand. Flowers, cards, draperies, candles—you name it. Everything has to be included, or you'll miss out on a lot!

Aside from these, there's one crucial element that you should never forget: wedding lighting. Whether you're opting for traditional table lamps or luxurious chandeliers, they will illuminate the whole venue, make you appear better in photos, and set the perfect mood for a celebration.

Some couples just let their wedding organisers and event planners take care of it, and there's nothing wrong with that. But for some, choosing the right lighting is part of their to-do list. It builds excitement and also brings them closer to creating a picture-perfect wedding. If you're looking for ideas, you're in the right place. Here are some wedding lighting ideas that can be the next ultimate trend in 2022!

1. Beach Lights

Photo of a couple dancing under some beach lights

Photographer Cassie's Camera, Something Turquoise

As you witness the sun sets, you can wrap some simple but elegant market lights around tropical trees. Let them illuminate the venue until the party is over.

2. Gold Chandeliers

Photo of a beautiful chandelier and flowers

Photographer Amy Anaiz Photography, Inside Weddings

Gold exudes a magical flair to any contemporary space. You can hang some gold chandeliers just above the tables to create an elegant but warm environment.

3. String Lights with Greeneries

String lights with greeneries on a wedding table setting

Show-stopping greeneries are the biggest thing in 2020. Aside from taking centre stage in your home, why not make use of them at your wedding venue, too? You can wrap gleaming string lights around twigs and branches above an arbour for best results.

4. Metallic Lanterns

Photo of a metallic lantern

Photo By Emma Loves Weddings, Elegant Wedding Invites

Sometimes, you don't need too much. Less is more. Feel free to make use of traditional lanterns. But this time, spruce up your reception décor with a metallic finish.

5. Tree Chandeliers

Chandeliers hanging from a tree

Photo by Vue Photography, Signature Chandeliers

Originally, chandeliers are meant to create a statement inside interiors. But it's function doesn't limit to that. 2021 welcomes couples to hang a chandelier from a large, robust branch and light up the venue with pure grandeur.

6. Fire Pits

Photo of people gathered around a fire pit

Keep the fire burning and share a warm welcome to your guests by placing a fire pit near the outdoor seating area. This is totally perfect for serene nights and last-minute mallow roasting.

7. Tree Limb Lights

Photo of a tree covered with lights

Photo By Mars Event Planners

If you've been into a city tree before, you probably know that the lowest tree limbs need to get cut. But for weddings, they can accentuate aesthetics when combined with clusters of dangling lights. Just make sure that you securely wrap them around the strongest branches.

8. Geometric Pendant Lights

Geometric pendant lights with flowers

Photo By Gorgeous Occasions

A handful of shapes combined together is an art. Make use of it as a wedding lighting idea, and start hanging geometric pendant lights above the tables to create a nice, warm glow.

9. Lanterns on Vines

Photo of some Lanterns on vines

Photographer Shea Christine Photography, The Knot

Can't get enough of lanterns to hang to your wedding reception venue? You can simply wrap them around vines and place them above the tables for optimal lighting effect.

10. Tent Lights

Photo of people dining under a tent with a lot of lights

Photographer Shane Shepherd, Byron Bay Weddings

This is not in any way referring to tent lights that you'll probably use on your next camping or hiking getaway. You can easily opt for traditional market lights and assemble them to create a tent-shaped design.

11. Edison Lightbulbs

Table setting with simple Edison light bulbs over

Photographer Johnny Dent Photography, Rock My Wedding

Commonly referred to as antique or vintage lightbulbs, this wedding lighting option allows everyone to enjoy an awe-inspiring sunset without making the venue dimmed.

12. Homely Candlelights

Photo of a pool setting with some candle lights around it

Photographer Boyd Harris, Inside Weddings

Candlelights are more than just table décor inside romantic restaurants and fancy hotels. Express traditional notions of romance with long, silver candlelights paired with a clean, white finish. You can also add contrasts through greeneries and colourful florals.

13. Limb Lanterns

Photo of couple under a tree with limb lanterns

Photographer Shuwei Zhang, Alegna Weddings

If you don't fancy small lighting bulbs for the venue, bigger lanterns can bring a magical, cozy and welcoming vibe. It's actually perfect for both sit-down dinners and fun, cocktail parties.

14. Vintage Glass Lamps

Photo of a white pergola with vintage glass lamps

Photographer Michael Liedtke Photography, The Knot

Do you want to use some wedding lighting decorations that stand the test of time? You don't have to look that far. Glass lamps are the only way to go. You can hang them on an arbour, decorated with fresh flowers and a lot more greeneries.

15. Beach Lanterns

Photo of a wedding setting on a beach with lit beach lanterns

Photographer Grand Hyatt, Bridestory

Bringing lanterns on a beach? 2021 is full of fun, crazy ideas, and we're here to keep you posted!

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Lighting

Well, finding the right lighting is not easy. You might stumble upon several options and get stuck with your favourites. We know how that feels! But hey—you have to keep moving and make the best decision. Alegna Weddings is here to help by giving some tips! Take a look at these factors before choosing your wedding lighting.


Before making a vision come into reality, you have to take a closer look at the wedding location first. Where are you planning to get married? Or, where would you like to gather everyone for the wedding reception?

If you're thinking about indoors, it's best to visit the venue when securing the location, take photos of your surroundings and landscape to help plan your decorations. Sometimes, built-in lighting won't be enough. You can spot some dimmed or dark areas that need more lighting. And more importantly, help you create the perfect vibe that matches the event.

On the other hand, if you're hosting outdoors, like in a garden or beach, it's recommended to visit once the sun sets and is dark. This will be really helpful in knowing what areas need to be brightened up. You and your team can also come up with the most stunning design ideas while on the site.


Wedding lighting ideas come in different concepts. Do you like traditional lights or bulbs? That's classic. Other concepts such as rustic, modern, romantic are also great to consider on your special day.

Wedding Photography Team

Photo of a wedding photographer taking a picture of the bride and bridesmaids

Let's face it. Not all couples can handle all the work. Of course, you can still research for some ideas, but a reliable wedding photography team will help you build an awe-inspiring vision from scratch.

This is what Alegna Weddings can do. Aside from owning top-quality cameras, we can also visit the site and conceptualise the perfect wedding lighting that will make your day extra special. And of course, we’ll also ensure that your photos look just right! For more info, feel free to reach to us out on 1300 54 58 77!


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