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Stress Free Bride: 11 Pro Tips

It is an extremely stressful process to plan a wedding with so many things to consider at once. Who to invite, what venue, will it be inside or outside, what vendor suits you best, what dress to wear... the list goes on.

It is easy to loose yourself in the process of it all and ultimately loose your peace and state of mind. Where's the fun in that!?

Thanks to Jamie Wolfer for her AMAZING advice, here are 11 Prop tips to help keep your mind sane and hopefully eliminate some of the stress so you can ultimately be a stress free bride! Goals right! Check out the video and the rest of Jamie’s awesome channel below 👇🏻

How did you find the 11 Pro Tips? For more inspiration and advice you'll adore, head over to our "10 Ways To Propose To Your Bridesmaid".

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