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10 Wedding Planning Tips To Put Your Mind At Ease!

When planning a wedding, there are a few things that you need to know that are essential to the wedding planning process. Secrets that any bride will be glad to know. We will cover all the wedding planning areas with these simple yet handy tips that can help your wedding planning process run as smoothly as possible.

Here's a few tips to consider whilst planning your wedding

1. Guest List

Before choosing the venue for the big day, it’s important to get an idea about the number of guests attending your wedding. Write down all the names of everyone you can think of, from old school friends to distant cousins. Start off big, then come back and trim down your list later. This guest list will help determine what venue suites you best, how the tables will be set at the reception, keeping in mind leaving enough space for the waiters to walk through, the band and the dance floor. Start with a rough guest list and once further budgets are put into place, come back to your dream list and start trimming to help cut down costs, if needed.

Tip: Sometimes in the excitement of it all, it can be easy to invite people on a whim, so be sure to go back to this list as a reality check. If they weren't on your dream list then, are you sure they need to be considered now?

2. Be Realistic With Your Time

When you are a month away from the wedding day, take a look at your to-do list. Cut off three things that are not essential or important for the big day. Eliminating three over-the-top tasks will put you up at ease with all the remaining yet significant tasks at hand. It can be stuff like making wedding favour bags or getting some signs printed. Exclude them from the list and don’t think about them again!

Tip: A great essential tip is to make sure you allocate time to switch on and off from wedding planning duties. When you allocate a specific time to tackle the wedding planning list, you will stop the overwhelming feeling that this process has consumed you in every possible way. If the process is starting to feel a little too much, schedule a weekend off, do something you enjoy and issue a rule that there is to be no wedding talk!

3. Consult Vendors

When selecting the right vendor it can be quite daunting, especially when you have a handful of quotes to select from. However, vendors are a great source of information, considering they have been in the wedding industry for some time and know all the ins and outs, haves and have nots. Don't be afraid to reach out and ask for suggestions and advice in your selection process. For example, a photographer may recommend a certain florist whose work really pops in pictures.

Tips: Hiring a wedding planner can also help you with the securing the best local bands, celebrants and venues.

4. Meal Planning

One of the biggest unforeseen expenses for weddings, is the need for more food to feed your hungry guests. From snacks to beverages, make sure you have ample amount of food for all the guests and remember to include your vendors - they also need to be considered when planning dinner.

Tips For outside ceremonies, depending on the time of day and year, it can get quite hot when waiting for the bridal party to arrive. Be sure to have a water station near by so guests can stay hydrated whilst waiting in the sun.

5. Keep Organised

The more organised you are for your wedding planning, the better. Write down all the correspondences and notes and gather all the reference pictures together in a folder. We recommend to download a wedding planning app like Wedding Happy to have everything in one place and on the go. When scrolling through Instagram, set up an inspiration folder and save your favourite images so you can come back later and view. This is a great way to curate everything in one place and find what you're looking for easily.

Tip: When corresponding with vendors, consider opening a wedding email address that you both have access to. Use this email for all your wedding related needs so all your quotes and conversations are stored in the one place. It is a great way to also receive virtual RSVP's for your wedding and keep communication open with all your guests by sending reminders, updates and other important information.

6. Keep A Trail

It is in good practice to keep all the agreements and contracts with the vendors in writing through email rather than just verbal agreements. Sometimes unfortunately, vendors can go against their word during events and cause issues, so having everything in writing and a signed contract between all parties is the most valuable way to insure yourself during this process.

Tip: Create a folder in your email system and file everything. Quotes, invoices, receipts, agreements, information packs, song list, guest list, RSVP's, price lists etc. Store them in labeled folders and sub - folders so you can easily check back and find things you may have forgotten where sent.

7. Call On Your Bridesmaids

Who wants to go wedding dress hunting alone? No one! You'll probably end up searching for hours and be no closer to finding the perfect dress for you. It’s overwhelming and confusing! So when looking for THE dress, be sure to reach out to your besties, after all that is why you chose them to stand beside you on your big day!

Tip: When choosing your dress, consider your friends and mothers opinions however in the end, it’s your pick, but they will be able to give you some good advice and maybe help answer some questions you may have.

8. Do It Together

Normally there is one person who takes the lead on the planning process but who can really sustain that and is that really fair? To make sure it’s not all one sided and both parties are involved, we recommend allocating jobs and agree on a time frames to have those tasks completed. Come back together and discuss and compromise on the final selection if needed. Something like finding a cake maker or getting quotes can be a nice easy job to allocate to an excited family member and takes something off your list.

Tip: If you have friends/bridesmaides/family members reaching out to lend a helping hand, give them easy tasks that you know can take some pressure off you and help get your list completed. For example, having them reach out to vendors to obtain quotes or simply finding a great dress maker, are both simple yet time consuming jobs. You've got enough on your plate, so where possible, free up your time!

9. Lookout for Blackout Dates

This certainly is one to consider and is one often missed but planning a wedding either during the week or on a weekend may unfortunately fall on another event that you weren't aware of which may result in your guests arriving late to the ceremony or delay in arriving at your ideal photography location after the wedding. So be sure to research your date and check to see if it coincides with any major events happening that day. For example, concerts, political conferences, rallies, game or charity events. This may not seem important, but if the guests are late due to traffic then you may fall behind on the schedule.

Tip: Check your calendar, google and social media platforms a week before the Wedding for any updates on events on that day. If a delay will occur, reach out to your guests and let them know so they can prepare their travel time accordingly. Being prepared will save a lot of unnecessary stress on your big day and keeping your guests and vendors updated on all details will ensure no one will arrive late.

10. Hire A Wedding Planner

I understand this option may not be suitable for everyone and their budgets but i would recommend at least considering reaching out to a planner to ask questions. You may find a greater understanding on how they can help you. The upside to hiring a wedding planner means you don’t really need to do any of the above things yourself as your wedding planner will be responsible in doing that all for you. The perks of having a planner is you will know 100% certainty that what needs to be done will be completed, in time, within budge and to perfection.

Download Your Free Wedding Checklist

Click the image above and enjoy our month to month checklist to ensure no little details goes unnoticed. We hope this advice has helped you on your wedding planning journey! If you have any questions, please contact us on 0450 754 774 or email

We wish you all the best in this exciting time!

Needing some more advice? Feel free to reach out to us and we will be sure to help you wherever we can. From recommending vendors to supplying a free quote for your wedding photography and videography needs.


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