Wedding Videography Sunshine Coast

At Alegna Weddings, we focus on making quality wedding films . With a professional team of wedding industry experts, our passion is to deliver the highest quality experience from the moment you enquire to the moment you receive your wedding films. We're more than just a videography company, we walk with you every step of the way, providing care, guidance, support and understanding on your wedding planning journey.


Wedding Videography Sunshine Coast Sessions

With all our film packages we feature every aspect of your wedding, including details of your beautiful set up, bride and groom getting ready, guests arriving, full ceremony, reception and full speeches. We spend quality time with you and your bridal party in our bridal shoot to capture the more intimate moments with a gorgeous sunset backdrop. 

Wedding couple kissing

Hiring a videographer means you can experience your wedding day over and over again. Our team makes sure we highlight the most valuable parts of your wedding day and cinematically edit your images into a social media teaser, a highlight film and full length feature film including full ceremony and speeches. 

Wedding couple with a videographer

Our wedding videographers are equipped with Sony cameras of the highest quality, capable of shooting HD - 4K footage and up to 120 frames per second to achieve the stunning slow-motion images we all know and love.

Package To Perfection


To ensure you are completely satisfied with your final films we work with you in the creative process from the music selection through to the final delivery. We offer two revisions with our highlight and feature film edits so you are ready to watch your films over and over again. 

Witness your wedding in a beautiful, breath taking view! Our drones capture every stunning detail of your location and post-ceremony, producing awe-inspiring footage in 4K resolution.

Professional audio equipments | Image by Tyler Casey

Capturing sound is one of the most important elements of the whole day. Without crisp audio, it can turn even the most beautiful wedding video into a disaster film. That is why we provide lav mics to attach directly to the celebrant and the groom, while professional mics are attached to each camera.

Documentary Wedding Feature Vs Extended Wedding Feature 

We offer two options for our full length feature films. Documentary Style or Extended Feature Version.

Our Documentary Feature is a chronological montage of your entire day edited into a 10min - 20min film. From getting ready to your final exit, we spread out your vows and speeches throughout the entire film, intertwining the use of audio and footage so the film runs in one continual motion without missing any of the important moments. 

Your full ceremony and full speeches are delivered separately for an easily accessible and rewatchable experience. 

Our Extended Feature is a chronological film of your entire day edited into a 35min - 1.5hr film. Depending on the package and length of your ceremony and speeches will determine the final running time.


Your full ceremony and full speeches are added into the film and allow for your full day to play in one motion. 

Packaged To Perfection

We package your special moments in a premium quality wooden box and USB made from walnut pine boards. The box walls are glued perfectly at a 45' angle with the moisture-resistant glue. The lid is fixed reliably with powerful magnets. All our boxes and USBs are personalised by laser engraving. We then package all your items in an elegant white personalised box filled with little thank you gifts from the team at Alegna Weddings.

Flat lay box packaging for wedding photo box
Wedding photo box
Personalised packaging of wooden wedding photo boxes

Build Your Own Package

We understand every wedding is unique and every detail is specialised to your specific wants and needs.

Let's create together a more personalised package that suits you and your wedding day.

Lets build the ideal package together that suits you and your day perfectly.