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Finding the best wedding videographer in Sunshine Coast will never be easy. Just searching for online recommendations can become daunting for some.

As you sift through the available options, you might end up with an unskilled company that promotes itself as 'affordable but top-quality,' but offers the opposite. Poor audio and video quality, with unstable footage, cheesy shots, and awful transitions are a total mess!

That's just bad, ineffective storytelling, and it's NOT what we do here. At Alegna Weddings, we focus on creating top-quality wedding film content. We're here to capture and express your love story in the BEST way possible.

With a professional team of wedding industry experts, our passion is to deliver the highest quality experience from the moment you reached out to the moment you receive your wedding film package. Alegna Weddings is more than just any wedding videography company on Sunshine Coast. We walk with you every step of the way, providing care, guidance, support on your wedding planning journey.


​Our Sunshine Coast wedding videographers are completely equipped with Sony cameras that are capable of shooting HD - 4K footage, up to 120 frames per second. This is what we use to achieve the stunning slow-motion images we all know and love.


You can't call it a "quality" wedding film or video without audio. This is why our team is fully equipped with lav mic equipment for the couples and celebrants, while professional mics are attached to each camera.


Are you getting married in Sunshine Coast? Make the most of your chosen wedding location once you requested our drones! Our 4K drone wedding videography services capture every wonderful detail of the ceremony.

Sunshine Coast Wedding Videography Shoot

We cover all aspects of your wedding day, starting from the bridal-prep through to the reception and bridal exit. Of course, we will highlight the bride and groom for the most part, but we will also feature immediate family members, friends, other guests and any specific requests you may have. 


Make the most of your wedding experience by re-experiencing it whenever you want! This is why our team makes sure that we only highlight the best moments on your wedding day.


Do you want us to feature your wedding in a certain way? Do you want to film in a special location on Sunshine Coast? Just let us know and we'll handle the rest! Everything we do is specially made for each couple.


We pack your special moments in a premium wooden box and USB made from walnut pine. The sides are glued at a 45' angle with a moisture-resistant glue, and the lid has a powerful magnet for easy access. All of these perks are personalised by laser engraving.

Wedding Videography Sunshine Coast Services

Wedding Videography

Package Inclusions

Each wedding film package will include a 45 second to a 1-minute teaser, a 4 to 6-minute highlight, and a full-length film (length will depend on the duration of the event).


We professionally record the entire event, collect and compile the best scenes, and edit them accordingly ready for review within 2 weeks after your wedding day.


Once you have reviewed and approved your highlight and full-length film, we pack all your films on a 32GB flash drive enclosed in one of our beautiful presentation boxes.

We deliver them to you over a nice cup of coffee or via Australia Post within 4 - 6 weeks after your wedding day.

Your teaser film will be available and posted online on our social media accounts within 24 to 48 hours after your wedding day. 

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Image by George Coletrain

Engagement Shoots

Engagement shoots take place anytime from the moment you pop the question up to 2 months prior to your wedding day. With this event, we delve deeper into knowing more about your story. 

We love to hear about how you met, what brought you together, how you knew she/he were the one and edit a documentary-style ‘Your Love Story’ highlight film that can be shared on social media, shown at your engagement party, or played at your wedding.


Here's a better way to trial us and see if we are the right fit for you than by booking in with us for an engagement shoot: if you select a package over the value of $3000 your engagement shoot is on us!


And if you're planning to surprise your partner with a romantic proposal, count us in! Your biggest secret is safe with us! We will mic you up and stay incognito until the time comes to pop the question. We will capture your surprise, followed by an engagement shoot that will be edited into a 1-2 minute highlight film. 

Our Process

1. Build Your Own Package

2. Secure Your Booking With Us

3. Let's Have A Chat

4. We Capture Your Special Day!

5. Wait For Your Film to Be Edited

6. Watch and Enjoy!

7. Share Your Experience With Us

8. Refer A Friend and Be Rewarded

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How Does The Process Work

1. Build Your Own Package

Unlike other Sunshine Coast wedding videographers, Alegna Weddings know that not all film packages work for all couples. That's why we came up with a "Build Your Own Package" feature, where you can choose what services you need, and you'll get a FREE, CUSTOMISED quote in no time.

2. Secure Your Booking With Us

We usually do a free consultation prior to answering any questions you have for us. If you think we're the right fit, you can secure a booking via email after paying a 25% deposit.

3. Let's Have A Chat

Once you accepted the quote and booked us, let the fun begin!

We can set up a coffee date or a Zoom call at your most convenient time just to meet each other and talk about the upcoming big day. Of course, we will help you come up with a strategised plan that will keep the event perfect and stress-free as possible.

5. We Capture Your Special Day!


Let Alegna Weddings handle the filming, and enjoy the rest of your special day! We will be pretty much busy capturing certain memorable moments in certain angles. And if you also opted for our drone videography service, we will feature the event location in the final film.

6. Wait For Your Film to Be Edited


If you have reference videos or parts of the event that you would like us to feature, feel free to let us know! Otherwise, we will carefully curate the best shots and edit them professionally. We will get back to you with the teasers and final full-length film as soon as possible.

7. Watch and Enjoy!


Once you received your film package, get ready to relive your special day anytime, anywhere!

8. Share Your Experience With Us

We will send you a follow-up email to express our warmest congratulations to the both of you. This email includes a customer satisfaction form as per our request to review our services. We also highly appreciate reviews on Facebook and Google (links are provided in the email). And of course, we would love to be tagged on socials, too!

9. Refer A Friend and Be Rewarded

Do you know someone who's planning to get engaged or married soon? Let Alegna Weddings cover the most memorable event of their lives! You may refer a friend and we'll submit them a unique code to confirm that you referred them to get a quote. In return, your friend gets $40 off their booking and you will receive $25 cashback!

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