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The Aird Family

At "The Farm," nestled in one of Wanora's beloved photography spots, we had the pleasure of spending an evening with the delightful Aird Family. It was a relaxed and enjoyable sunset family session, celebrating the twins' fifth birthday milestone.

As the sun painted the sky with warm hues, we laughed and captured precious moments together. Surrounded by the serene beauty of "The Farm," we witnessed the Airds' genuine love and connection. It was a laid-back yet unforgettable gathering, filled with smiles, hugs, and the joy of being together.

With each click of the camera, we froze moments of happiness and love, creating lasting memories for the Aird Family to cherish. As the evening drew to a close, we left "The Farm" with hearts full of contentment, grateful for the opportunity to document such a special occasion in such a beautiful setting.

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