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Myfanwy and Dean

Myfanwy and Dean's love story traces back over a decade ago to a vibrant pub nestled in Melbourne called "The Edgy," where their initial connection sparked. Despite the passage of time, the ember of their affection continued to flicker until fate intervened, bringing them back into each other's lives.


Dean orchestrated a breathtaking proposal, a testament to his unwavering love for Myfanwy. In the picturesque setting of Fiji, amidst the tranquil ambiance of a pier, he seized the perfect moment. With their song, "She's a Lady" by Tom Jones, serenading them in the background, they shared a magical moment, savoring champagne under the gentle embrace of raindrops.

Following the proposal, their evening unfolded into a private oasis of romance. A secluded dinner on a tranquil island provided the perfect backdrop for them to bask in the euphoria of their love. And as the night drew to a close, Dean arranged for their room to be adorned with delicate petals, a tangible expression of his devotion to Myfanwy.

The Dream Team:


Dress: Made with Love Bridal

Flowers: Lavish Floral Design

Hair: Lilo Hair Studio

Makeup: Olivia - Natalie Lucas Makeup & Hair

Celebrant: VivienneCelebrant

Film and Photo: Alegna Weddings

Rings: My Jewellery Shop

Musicians: Vanessa Krumma Music

Reception: Kurrawa Surf Club


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