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Best Wedding Décor Trends

The year’s wedding trends are all about celebrating one’s individuality. Gone are the days when weddings had one similar theme. As we make our way into the year 2022, we see a lot of trending elements based on various aesthetics, venues and budget. Here are some eye-catching backdrops, colour palettes and much more to help bring your vision to life.


While pastel colours are still making waves, warm colours are the new cool in wedding décor. Welcome the bold and warm colours like orange, terracotta brown and golden yellow. These natural tones will bring the retro vibe into your décor. Add in some Bohemian accents like fringe, grass, metallic and glass to warm up the tones your way.


The grids are back in the trend this year as the florists and wedding planners are decorating them with warm toned flowers, balloons, ribbons, sheer net and much more. The best way to go about it is to use big grid screens to make them stand out.


Wedding phrases are the new thing in wedding décor. They are cool and playful. These sassy signs can be printed on wedding cards or napkins. If you want to highlight them more, an accent wall with the catchy phrase will do the trick for you. Make it even more interesting with lyrics from your favourite song that holds a special meaning for you.


Give your guests a chance to enjoy with disco ball decor with metallic and silver. It is one of the biggest tends in 2020! You can hang one disco ball at the centre of the dance floor and couple with smaller ones here and there to complete the look. Add floral arrangements with hanging disco balls and group them nicely for centre-pieces.

If you are really into the vibe, then add the disco theme on your wedding card as well. This will entice the guests with the amazing theme for the wedding.


Paper strips, coloured fabrics and oversized shapes are the recurring wedding décor trends. However, this year the focus is on abstract backdrops. No matter what your style is, abstract will look perfect with all kinds of themes. Play with layers of abstract and contrast with typical arches and hoops for more dramatic look.


Acrylics are the new major wedding décor trend in 2020! The translucent material is seen in gorgeous cake stands, wedding cards, phrases, centre pieces and much more. You can even make it the focal point of the wedding by making it a canvas for guests to write their messages or show table setting for the guests. Decorate the acrylic with flowers and sheer fabric to make it look chic.


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