14 Tips To Consider When Planning Your Wedding

People having fun at a wedding party

Credit: White Parrot Wedding Photographers

Newly wed Daniel Watson shares 14 brilliant tips to consider whilst planning your wedding to experiencing the big day. I recently stumbled across this amazing piece of advice on a facebook group and knew the moment I read this I had to share with you all! A massive thank you and shout to Daniel for giving us permission to share this valuable advice!

Here are 14 tips to consider whilst planning your wedding. Enjoy!

1. Have A Drink Together!

From the start of your engagement, go for a coffee or a drink with your fiancé and talk about the kind of wedding day you want. Not necessarily details, just what do you imagine. Some of us have had a vision for decades, some of our partners just want to know there will be cold drinks, good food and the rest is irrelevant. Be okay with this. They’re not marrying you for your event planning skills or passion. They love you. Berating them for not being as enthusiastic as you is a recipe for disaster.

2. Choose A Celebrant

Choose a celebrant who maybe is recommended by someone you know has similar taste/style/humour/emotion to you both. The celebrant makes the wedding in my opinion and ours was incredible. The AV at our venue broke minutes before we were to walk down the aisle and he completely managed it flawlessly. You get what you pay for. If you’re worried about details and having the stress off your shoulders, choose a recommended celebrant.