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The De Maria Sisters

The golden hour family photo session at Woody Point Jetty with Arianna and Peyton was a delightful experience. The setting sun cast a warm, golden light over the jetty and the shimmering waters, creating a perfect backdrop for capturing the bond between these two siblings. Arianna, at 8 years old, and Peyton, at 10, brought an infectious energy and charm to the session. Their playful interactions and genuine smiles made each shot feel natural and heartwarming.

As the sun dipped lower, the light became even more magical, casting long shadows and a soft, golden glow. Arianna and Peyton's adventurous spirits shone through as they explored the jetty, laughed together, and enjoyed the stunning scenery. The combination of the beautiful golden hour light and the picturesque location made for some truly stunning photos, capturing the essence of their sibling bond and the joy of a beautiful evening by the water.

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